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[Opinião] “On the Rails” de Suzan Collins



'On the Rails' is the diary of thirty something Nikki, a young widow who works from home and commutes into London on the train for meetings - and that is where most of her adventures start! Nikki falls for a man who's in love with himself. She shops him to the police for drunk driving and it looks as though their love affair is over. Nikki falls for a station worker and goes on holiday with him but he is not what he seems to be. A relationship with Luca, a gorgeous Italian man who works for a children's charity nearly derails her but just in time she realises where her heart lies. In this sexy rollercoaster ride through the world of celebrity and travel we laugh and cry with Nikki as she travels along the rails of life with her friends always ready with advice and a shoulder to cry on as she tries to protect her bruised heart. Will she find happiness in the end, will her heart be mended and her life, at last, complete?

Ficha Técnica:

Hardcover, 262 pages
Published July 6th 2012 by New Generation Publishing (first published December 1st 2011)
ISBN 1909039578 (ISBN13: 9781909039575)
edition languageEnglish


“Nikki was in love. It was a great feeling. And Simon was in love too, but not with her- with himself!”

Este é o início deste romance de Suzan Collins. A autora consegue imediatamente agarrar o leitor com esta frase. Cria curiosidade e o leitor sente-se tentado a continuar e compreender o que se vai passar entre Nikki e Simon.

Nikki está sempre em viagem devido ao seu trabalho e anda sempre de comboio daí o seu título “On the Rails”.

“As she looked around the coach she saw some people reading, some were listening to music, some staring out of the window, lost in their own thoughts, while others had their eyes closed. Mobiles were ringing and emitting other sounds to alert the owners to a text coming in. The problem was that it alerted everyone in the coach that a text was coming in! And then, tantalisingly it was only the receivers who got to know what was in the texts. So annoying on both accounts! Nikki thought.”

Tal como podemos ver neste excerto a autora tem em atenção todos aqueles pormenores em que reparamos quando viajamos de comboio.

É impossível não nos apaixonarmos por Nikki, pela sua força, ela tem um pouco de todos nós. As personagens são realistas e dão credibilidade ao livro.

É uma história emocionante e repleta de emoções e que o leitor vai ficar envolvido desde a primeira à última página.

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  1. Olá.

    Estou a ver que esta escritora tem mais bons livros alem dos jogos da fome :)


    1. Olá Fiacha,

      Esta não é a mesma autora dos jogos da fome....